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Navigating the Digital Space

Scott joins host Joseph Frost, Co-Founder of yorCMO, to sit down and talk about Navigating The Digital Space and some innovations that are up and coming in the world of c-suite executives. Joseph hosts weekly Fractional C-Suite Retreat for executives to unwind and hear from their peers about new opportunities and innovations in the C-Suite.

Bureaucracy vs. Value-Add Process

The Bureaucracy vs. Value-Add Process article was written by Russell R. Boedeker, Factional CFO at Impact CFO Services.

Bookkeepers aren’t accountants, accountants aren’t CPAs, CPAs aren’t CFOs but some CFOs are CPAs

Bookkeepers are not Accountants and Accountants are not CPA’s. CPA’s are not CFO’s, but some CFO’s are CPA’s. In this Podcast, Scott Belt, President and founder of Impact, talks about the difference between these roles and why is important for business owners and decision makers to understand these differences as they hire people to fill these positions.

Here’s when, why and how to hire a CFO (and yes, you can afford it)

Many business owners have the wrong perception that they cannot afford hiring a CFO, without realizing that they are hurting the business and preventing it from growing. This article from describes why hiring a CFO might be the key to unleashing your business potential.

Maximizing personal wealth when selling a business

This Article from KeyBank highlights how to Maximize Wealth When Selling a Business.

Why transparency is important in business

This article from Investopedia explains The Importance Of Corporate Transparency.