Chief Financial Officer Services

A company’s Chief Financial Officer manages all financial actions, including financial analysis and planning, cash flow tracking and forecasting. These are critical activities to a thriving business, but require specific skills, expertise and insight. This is where an outsourced CFO can make a difference.

Impact CFO Services helps companies like yours by providing the financial expertise needed to effectively allocate company resources, make better strategic decisions and to successfully thrive in today’s business world. We also help keep your personnel costs down, by offering outsourced CFO services, and the opportunity to work with Senior Finance Executives for a fraction of the cost of having a designated full-time employee.

What our CFO’s can do for you

  • Help you understand your company’s historical financial data and your current financial position
  • Identify opportunities within your company for increased efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Build your accounting department to scale with your growth
  • Outline a clear strategic plan for increased profits and sustained growth
  • Manage your risks to avoid self-created problems and handle issues before they rise
  • Identify and achieve long term goals
  • Manage resources by anticipating the needs of your company now and in the future

How our CFO’s work with you

  • Become a member of your team and become a fully integrated part of your organization
  • Take a holistic approach to solving your most pressing business challenges
  • Make recommendations and develop strategies and action plans with your involvement
  • Proactively implement action steps with you, rather than simply providing a list of recommendations