Alex Nelson

Alexander Nelson is a seasoned finance executive with 20 years of experience in navigating complex financial landscapes to create new business opportunities and establish strategic partnerships for both small startups and large corporations. His extensive expertise in commercial finance, mergers and acquisitions, forecasting, and budgeting has enabled him to adeptly analyze complex financial statements, swiftly uncover underlying issues, and drive efficient and effective solutions. Alex’s keen financial intelligence allows him to address core challenges, enabling strategic decision-making and fostering significant growth within organizations.

Throughout his career, Alex has founded and sold three small businesses, originated, analyzed and funded over $200M in commercial and small business loans, and secured more than $30M for private clients in the commercial finance consulting sector. He has also demonstrated exceptional leadership in mentoring fundraising teams, improving financial management practices, and driving substantial cost savings. As President and Owner of Madison Furniture, Inc. and Columbia Components, Inc., he successfully expanded company sales by over 100% within 18 months and strategically prepared the entities for sale. His ability to develop and implement risk management strategies, coupled with his profound understanding of financial planning and analysis, underscores his commitment to enhancing the financial health and market valuation of the organizations he leads.

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